B.P. MATA & CO., INC. was founded in 1966 by Captain Benjamin P. Mata, a seasoned master mariner with an illustrious ocean-going career.
      With a pioneering spirit, Capt. Mata embarked on a mission to build a company that would become a catalyst for positive change and development.
      With over 50 years of delivering quality goods and reliable services to the maritime industry, B.P. MATA has cultivated strong partnerships with the world’s leading safety equipment manufacturers and has become a trusted name in the industry, garnering unsurpassed local and international recognition.
      Headquartered in Manila and with branch offices in the key ports of Cebu and Davao, B.P. MATA offers top-notch sea safety, life-saving and fire-fighting products and service solutions to various industry partners in maritime transport, offshore energy, shipbuilding, fisheries, defense, environmental protection, rescue & disaster response, as well as to the leisure markets.
      B.P. MATA - “Your Partner in Sea Safety”